Time is almost up! Get your tavern cobblestone before they’re all gone.

Time Is Running Out To Order Your Cobblestones

When you hear that something is a “once in a lifetime opportunity,” it’s often hyperbole. Well my friends, it’s not an exaggeration this time. More than 200 personalized wood cobblestones have been ordered by your friends, neighbors and fellow Kennebunk Inn patrons.  We have a handful of cobblestones left, but once they’re gone – they’re gone.

Once we have attached them to the bar surface poured the high gloss epoxy resin, the “upcycled” wooden tiles will be permanently encased and on display for all to see. These “cobblestones” are made from salvaged wine, whiskey and bourbon barrels – responsibly reclaimed and repurposed. If you are on the fence about purchasing a customized, reclaimed wooden cobblestone, we urge to to act quickly. Once we pour the resin, the opportunity will have passed you by.

Don’t be that person, sitting at the bar, tears in your beer – because you haven’t left your mark on the historic tavern at The Kennebunk Inn. Join the hundreds of your friends and neighbors who have put their personal message on the pub. Be a part of history, and give yourself an excuse to head to the bar, “to check on your cobblestone.”

About The Kennebunk Inn

The Kennebunk Inn and its restaurant, The Tavern are located in the heart of downtown Kennebunk Village. The Inn has been welcoming travelers for more than two centuries.