Chef Shanna O’Hea in National Culinary Review

Chef/Owner Shanna Horner O’Hea was featured in The National Culinary Review’s January 2012 issue in the article, “A Woman’s World?” by Jan Greenberg.

A Woman’s World?

Female chefs are making it to the top of the commercial kitchen—long the domain of males.
Let’s do the numbers. According the Bureau of Labor Statistics, only 14% of chefs and head cooks nationwide are women. Out of the San Francisco Chronicle’s 2011 Top 100 Bay Area Restaurants, only 15 women headed up kitchens, prompting the newspaper’s April 6 Inside Scoop to ask “What happened to all the women chefs?” For the past two years, only two women out of 20 were named Food & Wine’s Best New Chefs.
National Culinary Review - January 2012That being said, women now make up almost 50% of the national enrollment in culinary schools and about 25% of culinary instructors. They are omnipresent on television shows and the Food Network and in print media. The White House executive chef is a woman, and last year’s James Beard Award Best Chef in New York is female, as well.

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