Kennebunk Inn Chefs & Bartenders at Maine Restaurant Week Signature Event

Academe, The Kennebunk Inn Maine Restaurant Week Portland Press Herald 2013Chef Shanna O’Hea, Chef Brian O’Hea and The Kennebunk Inn’s top mixologist Adrian Trudeau participated in the 2013 Maine Restaurant Week “Signature Event” at Prime Mercedes in Scarborough, Maine on Sunday evening, March 10, 2013.  The event, with 500 guests in attendance, benefited the United Way of Portland, Maine.

Chef/Owner Shanna O’Hea represented Academe at The Kennebunk Inn’s “sweeter side” in the dessert competition with her inspired “cookies and milk” offering.

Shanna O’Hea, chef at Academe in Kennebunk, gingerly speared a small chocolate chip cookie with a syringe-like skewer filled with ice cold milk.

“Eat the cookie right off the skewer, and then you squirt the milk right into your mouth,” she told the people lined up at her Milk and Cookies table at the Signature Event Sunday night. “We want to bring you right back to your childhood.”

Shanna’s husband and fellow chef/owner Brian O’Hea and The Kennebunk Inn’s chief bartender, Adrian Trudeau competed in the cocktail competition.

Adrian Trudeau, top mixologist at Academe, and chef Brian O’Hea sprayed a bite of cherry gelée with a bit of brandy, then speared it onto a little pipette filled with chai maple syrup. The pipette then went into a glass filled with orange sorbet and a Jim Beam cocktail.

“They squeeze the pipette into the drink, eat the gelee and then they whip up the sorbet in the cocktail,” O’Hea explained. “It’s all the makings of an Old-Fashioned, but it’s done in new ways. We’re calling it a Not So Old-Fashioned.”

The Portland Press Herald’s Meredith Goad covered the event for the newspaper.  You can read the full article here.

Maine Restaurant Week Article in The Portland Press Herald

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